The Quest For Hope takes you on an epic journey of good vs evil. Where you follow the adventures of a young girl, a shape-shifting apprentice, and a master Knight.

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Invisible Battles The Quest For Hope

The Quest For Hope

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In the newly created land of Novus, a powerful and immortal being known as the Dark One has all but succeeded in erasing the name of the High King from the hearts and minds of the people. The battle, however, is far from over. Unbeknownst to the Dark One and his minions of Chashaks, the High King has been at work among a loyal group of followers. Now he is ready to make his move.

Invisible crystalline beings known as Erela are being sent out across the land to seek out those who are willing to play a part in this unfolding story. Among them is a young apprentice named Levi. Having never traveled beyond the borders of his own home, Levi is sent forth on an important and dangerous mission. In another part of the kingdom, Aliatta, a proud young royal, is about to have her safe and comfortable world turned upside down. Seemingly opposite in almost every regard, these two young people soon find their lives intertwined in a cosmic quest for hope and truth.

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Meet the Characters

The High King

His character has been slandered and his name has been banished from the land. Some think of him as a terrible tormentor while others are able to see past the lies to the truth of who he is.


These immortal beings roam the land of Novus, unseen by all but a few of the mortal creatures. They are servants of the High King and his character is reflected through them.


Forsaking the one to whom he once gave his loyalty and service, this rebel Erela now rules the land of Novus with a dark and heavy tyranny. The people of the land know him as the Dark One.


Like their leader, the Dark One, these creatures were once Erela. The change in their loyalty, however, led also to a change in name and appearance. Although they are still servants, the one they serve is dark and evil and they fear him as much as they obey him.


All Levi has ever known is the quiet, sheltered community in which he grew up. Although he was known to push the boundaries and cause more than one elder to shake their head in dismay, young Levi would never have willingly left the home he loved. However, before he has finished his specialized training, he is asked to embark on an important and dangerous mission. It will take everything he has learned and more to successfully complete the task.

Lady Aliatta

Being the daughter of a Duke, twelve-year old Aliatta has led a pampered and lonely life. Perhaps it is not surprising then, that she is selfish and disdainful of those around her. Few people are able to suspect that behind the hardened and sullen facade of this young royal lies a heart and mind that is desperately seeking for something more—desperately yearning to discover the truth.

Sir Raz the Calculating

Now in his late twenties, Sir Raz earned his name and reputation while still in his teens. With his large muscular frame, cold blue eyes and quick analytical mind, he is indeed an intimidating person to meet. There is only one person to whom he displays a softer side: Lady Aliatta. The young girl is one of the few with courage enough to look the great knight in the eye and he is one of the few who is able to perceive the depths of longing behind her prickly exterior.

A Story About.


The Dark One has worked long and hard to gain control over the land of Novus. There is but one more piece that needs to be put into place in order to guarantee his power over the next generation. The name of this final piece is Aliatta and he will stop at nothing to make sure she stays within his grasp.


Aliatta has never truly felt at home in the luxurious surroundings of her castle. Strange dreams and chance meetings only serve to strengthen her discomfort. There are things she does not know—things which have been hidden from her—and she is determined to find them out, once and for all.


The search for truth is not an easy road; neither is it a particularly safe one. The Dark One will use every resource he possesses to prevent the truth from being known and the Erela will be called upon to use every ounce of their strength to counter him.

The Quest for Hope is about A young girl who embarks upon a journey to find light and truth in a land filled with darkness.  Her quest brings her face to face with a shape-shifting apprentice and a master Knight.  She is also drawn into an ever-increasing awareness of both the visible and invisible elements of her world.

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